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Selangor and Federal Territory Gardening Society
(251 Selangor)
All Things Grow with Love

Our Esteemed Patron
YB Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr Chong Hon Nyan
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Our Past Issues of the GreenFingers

The GREENFINGERS is the official periodical of the Selangor & Federal Territory Gardening Society and it is free to members.

The past issues of the GREENFINGERS are available at RM5 per issue.

Below are the list of contents of the previous issues of the GREENFINGERS:

2004 June

Lawns and Turfs
Report on: Plant Exchange - Jalan Rumpai, Bukit Bandaraya
Gardening - Some Frequently Asked Questions
Roses are Red, and Now Come in Blue

2004 September

Lawns and Turfs
Report on: Plant Exchange - Jalan Rumpai, Bukit Bandaraya
Gardening - Some Frequently Asked Questions
Roses are Red, and Now Come in Blue

2004 December

Brief Guide to Basic Gardening
Please, Please Don't Eat the Daisies (Edible Flowers)
The Singapore Botanic Gardens Revisited

2005 August

Managing Pests and Diseases in Your Garden
Come Garden with Me
A Visit to the Russell's Garden at Boh Tea Plantations
Gardening - a Good Hobby or Pastime after Retirement
A Great Trip for Two Oldies
Some Garden Pests (a tongue-in-cheek account of people with their inane comments on your garden)
Information Desk
Websites of Interest

2005 December

Trip to Cameron Highlands
Nuturing Towards Nature
Basic Gardening For Fun And For Health Part I
How to Plant Your Garden
Water Chestnuts
Miscellaneous - Home Remedy
- Garden Tips
- Annoucements
- Websites

2006 April

Basic Gardening for Fun and for Health Part 2
Gardening with Pets, Pests and Predators
Care of Heliconia
A Case for Botanical Names
Principles of Plant Names

2006 August

Plant Propagation
Consider the Lowly Lantana ...
Feng Sui in the Garden
Back to Nature
Gardening with Pets, Pests and Predators
The House that Patrick Built
'Go Green' Carnival

2006 December

Presentation of Plaque to Yew Garden Asia Nursery
Plant Propagation (Part 2)
All for the Sake of Flowers
Why Plant Trees
Plant Nutrition (Part 1)
Land Below the Wind (Part 1)

2007 August

Plant Propagation
Fragrant Flowers
Land Below the Wind (Part 2)
Indian Curry Leave Plant
Plant Nutrition (Part 2)

2007 December

June Outing - Muar and Malacca
Growing Dragon Fruit in Malaysia
Poisonous Garden Plants
Potting and Repotting
Neem Tree
Fancy-Leaved Caladiums

2008 April

Naming Plants
Care with the Seeds, Joy with the Harvest
Cooking with Asafoetida
Flemingia strobilifera
Breakfast with Nature

2009 August

Your Are What You Eat
A List of Perennial and Semi-perennial Ever-flowering Tropical Garden Plants (3rd List)
Golden Impatiens - The Story
Incorporate Culture in a Garden
Garbage Enzyme
Pictures (4 pages)

2010 Volume 1

Basics of Organic Gardening
Papaya - an ideal choice for your home garden
Self-Watering Container Growing System
Song of the Slug
Raising Plants From Seeds
Pictures (4 pages) - Flora Demonstration by Liz Helliker; Herbs from the Herb Park, Simpang Pulai, Perak; To complement Mr P.S. Lam’s article here are some examples.

2010 Volume 2

Growing Petunias
The Constant Gardeners
Meeting the ‘King’
Isle of Mainau
Singapore Garden Festival
Preserve Those Venerable Willows
Poisonous Plants
Report: Herb Garden for Rumah Bakti Ci Hang
Pictures (4 pages)

2010 Volume 3

Gardening With Pets, Pests and Predators
Greening Fingers at no. 32, Jalan 12/14, Petaling Jaya
A Day Out With The Goats
Stevia - Satisfying Malaysia’s Sweet Tooth
From the Archives: Caladiums
Pictures (4 pages - With Caladium inside)

2011 Volume 1

Mushrooms - Good, Bad and Ugly
Book Review
How to Sprout Seeds for Healthy Eating
The Mighty House Plant
From the Archives
In Memoriam - Eric Simon
Pictures (4 pages - Selected House Plants)

2011 Volume 2

Your Window Box on the World
Gardens in the Sky
Ecocycling Used Tyres for a Greener Environment
Successful Rock Gardening
Notices - Updated subscription notice
Pictures (Inside front cover and back cover)

2011 Volume 3

The Family Rosaceae
The Sweet Taste of Tanarimba
Edible Gardens
Pictures (centrespread)
Juicing - Healthy and Delicious
What is Buah Keluak?
Readers Write

Editorial Team for Green Fingers

Ms Janet Yap (Editing)
Ms Wong Wai Ching
Mrs Deve J. Kunaseelan

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